How do we get started ? 

I have a comprehensive assessment process that lets us get to know each other before we begin.

Step 1. Contact me (Call or text to 518-258-8849, Email me, or use my Contact form). Tell me your story, ask me questions.

Step 2. You fill out my assessment forms and complete a food journal. It’s a great way for me to get to know you without spending any money.

Step 3. We discuss costs of meal plans, training plans, or packages. If it’s necessary, we can meet in person to discuss these.

Step 4. I propose a plan according to your goals. If you don’t like it, we change it until it works for you.

Step 5. If we agree to terms, we can start immediately! You can start as fast as two days from right now if you’re super keen.


What are your credentials?

  • Honors BS in Nutrition
  • Graduate courses in nutrition sciences (Weight loss, Pediatrics, Sports performance, Clinical nutrition and more)
  • Certified Personal Trainer


What is a food journal?

A food journal is essential for changing how we eat. I require clients to journal at least a few days a month. Daily journaling is not required.

A food journal is where you write down everything you eat and drink. It’s also really helpful if you also write notes about your exercise, how you feel, why you chose that food, and your appetite.

I have clients document as they go because human beings cannot accurately recall what they ate. Why is that? Because eating is routine and doesn’t get stored accurately in our long term memory.


How much do my services cost ? 

The costs for the services I provide range from $75-$199 per month. 

Most of my clients are pleasantly surprised by the reasonable cost, especially compared to big box gyms who will always recommend thousands of dollars in training and nutrition guidance, (which, by the way, won’t help you long term or maybe not even short term).

I am interested in you learning life-long skills and being independent.


How can I pay ? 

  • Cash
  • Check
  • Pay Pal 
  • Venmo App ( Iphone and Android )